Solitary Oak

Solitary Oak

About my work

Throughout my life nature has always been my main source of inspiration. The variety of color, texture, shape, line, and light are constantly intriguing and challenging. I don't think of myself as a landscape artist. I feel a more intimate connection than that label conveys. My relationship with nature is more about learning and understanding than it is about just looking on as a witness.

As I paint and draw I attempt to capture the energy of what I am seeing and what I feel about my subject matter and the materials I use. While I love exploring different materials I am especially fond of soft pastels. I love the immediacy and directness of working with block of pigment directly on a surface. This way of working allows me to react instinctively to each mark I make. I seek to find a similar directness in my exploration of other materials, such as oil and acrylic paint.

Mosaics are a newer media I am exploring. I am looking forward to seeing where this exciting path leads me.


Felicia Macheske