Solitary Oak

Solitary Oak

About my work

What would you like to know about my work? Explaining is something I often struggle with. By making art I am trying to understand the world I live in. To interact with it, express my feelings about it, and consider my role in it. But, even more so, there is the need to create. I am not sure where that comes from. It just is.

As I work on whatever I am working on, I attempt to capture the energy of what I am seeing and what I feel about my subject matter and the materials I use. I am especially fond of soft pastels for their immediacy and directness. This way of working allows me to react instinctively to each mark. I am seeking to find a similar directness in my exploration of other materials, such as oil and acrylic paint.

Mosaics are a newer media I am exploring. I am looking forward to seeing where this exciting path leads me.


Felicia Macheske