Solitary Oak

Solitary Oak

About Me

I am an artist and graphic designer living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Much of my time is spent art directing and designing children’s books at a small and busy publishing company. I enjoy the many opportunities to interact with illustrators from all over the country and the world. I learn a lot from these artists and from the books I work on.

When not busy with my day job, I spend as much time as I can working on my own art. I use many different materials to create paintings, drawings, and mosaic art. I have tried to not limit myself and to be open to possibilities from unfamiliar materials. I enjoy the learning process involved in trying something new.

M scrutiny and love of nature is a theme I share with many other artists. Like them, I look to nature to learn what I can. I paint and draw and mosaic to find ways to express what I learn and love about a tree, a flower, a bird. Simple things I want to notice everyday.

Felicia Macheske